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Maria Douglas
5th Grade Math & Science Teacher 
The Plains Intermediate School


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Welcome to my 5th Grade class home page for the 2021-22 school year!
We are learning about a lot of new and interesting topics this year!  Mrs. Douglas will be teaching math and science   Mrs. Wakeley will be teaching reading, writing, and social studies.  In addition to academic skills, we will be working together to develop social skills such as being responsible, taking responsibility for our actions, and how to make amends when we do break the rules.  Our school uses the responsive classroom approach along with life skills to guide not only our academic but social curriculum.

Our students will play an active role in our rule-making process in our classrooms all the way down to coming up with the name.  These rules will be created to help students better be able to meet the hope and goal(s) they will set for themselves in 5th grade!  

We have also been working hard to learn more about how our brain works and how WE can have control over our own growth mindset!

In order to treat each child fairly, they must be treated differently.

East Whole School Rules (coming soon)



I will use my Lifelong Guidelines:

 1. Be truthful    2. Do my personal best
 3. Use put-ups 4. Be trustworthy
 5. Use active listening  


  I will use my Life Skills:

1. Caring 7. Initiative 13. Perseverance
2. Pride 8. Effort 14. Courage
3. Problem Solving 9. Responsibility 15. Integrity
4. Friendship 10. Common Sense 16. Curiosity
5. Sense of Humor 11. Patience  
6. Organization 12. Cooperation  


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