Special Services

Nate Young
Director of Special Services

740.797.4516 ext. 233

Welcome to the Office of Special Services home page.  Our office provides support to the students and staff of the district.  Our staff is dedicated to the continued improvement of services to provide a productive, enjoyable, and enriching experience for all students. While serving children with disabilities is a primary function of this office, this is best achieved by improving educational services to all. We coordinate our services with the school personnel, school counselors, school nurses, the Talented and Gifted program staff, as well as the community agencies which serve our students.

Special Services Vision

The ACSD special services department seeks to provide a meaningfully inclusive learning environment that highlights individual strengths, focuses on growth, and nurtures lifelong independence through collaborative, data-based instructional decisions.

Department Contacts

Please feel free to contact any of our staff for further information or if you need assistance in accessing services to your child.
Nate Young, Director of Special Services
Email Mr. Young, 740.797.4516 ext. 1206
Linda Bennett, Administrative Assistant
Email Mrs. Bennett, 740.797.4516 ext. 1207
Erica Archer, School Psychologist
Email Ms. Archer, 740.797.4516 ext. 1208
Chelsa Carter, School Psychologist
Email Mrs. Carter, 740.797.4516 ext. 1209
Emily Dodd, Elementary School Counselor
Email Mrs. Dodd, 740.797.4516 ext. 1210
Jen Hill, Elementary School Counselor
Email Mrs. Hill, 740.797.4516
Sean Kelbley, Elementary School Counselor
Email Mr. Kelbley, 740.797.4516 ext. 1210
Kellie Pauley, Speech-Language Pathologist
Email Ms. Pauley, 740.797.4516
Michele Pratt, Speech-Language Pathologist
Email Mrs. Pratt, 740.797.4516
Sarah White, Speech-Language Pathologist
Email Mrs. White, 740.797.4516
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