Athens Board of Education Approves Facilities Master Plan

Last evening, the Athens City School District Board of Education unanimously voted to move forward with the following Facilities Master Plan:

  • ?2 New PK-3 School Buildings on the current sites of East and MG ES Schools
  • 1 Grades 4-6 Building at the current TPES location that will include a complete renovation of the current building and a significant addition.
  • 1 Grades 7-8 MS with some renovations/updates of the current AMS Building
  • 1 New Grades 9-12 HS on the site of the current AHS

While the Board Members had previously discussed completing the process in two "phases" or "segments", at last evening's meeting it was decided to move forward with the entire project in one phase.  Multiple Board Members expressed the desire to keep the total cost of the project where the tax millage for the bond issue would be approximately 6 mils and the estimated cost per $100,000 in valuation would be approximately $200.

Over the coming months, you can expect the following actions to be discussed, and likely approved, by the Board of Education:

April 2018:  Board to discuss necessary and optional Locally Funded Initiatives (LFI's) to include in the project.  These are likely to include a recommended LFI for inflationary costs over the course of the project and optional costs such as the inclusion of a fixed seat auditorium at the new AHS building.

May 2018: Board to make final decisions regarding LFI's to be included in the project.

*June 2018: Board to discuss and would need to approve a Resolution of Necessity to move forward with placing a bond issue on the November 2018 ballot.

*July 2018:  Board to have final discussions and would need to approve the Resolution to Proceed to move forward with placing a bond issue on the November 2018 ballot.

*Early August 2018:  Administration to file all documents with the Board of Elections to place a bond issue on the November 2018 ballot.

November 2018:  Election Day: Voters decide ballot issue.

*Note:  The Board may decide to pass these resolutions earlier, however to have an issue on the ballot, it is required to meet the above noted deadlines.


As the administration, faculty and staff begin the process of planning for the 18-19 School Year, please be aware that there will be no significant reconfiguration of the schools for the coming year.


Additionally, please be reminded that while the Board of Education has approved a Facilities Master Plan, the Board HAS NOT YET DECIDED WHAT WILL BE ON THE NOVEMBER BALLOT....However, I wanted you to be aware of the current status, as this planning has been a matter of much discussion in the community over the past year.

After the Board has made final decisions and knows the outcome of the election in relation to the Bond Levy, faculty, staff and members of the community will definitely be included in the planning for the construction of any new or renovated facilities, as well as the discussions related to subsequent changes in programming.

I will continue to communicate with you after each Board Meeting to make you aware of the decisions made by the Athens City School District Board of Education on this very important issue.

Thank you to each of you for your constant and continued support of the students of the Athens City School District, where we are striving to address the needs of "Every Learner. Every Day"!



Tom Gibbs

Thomas J. Gibbs, Ed.D.

Athens City School District

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