Publication in State Journal by ACSD Speech Language Pathologist Kellie Pauley

eHearsay Journal Spring 2018 cover

Kellie Pauley, one of our Speech Language Pathologists, had an article that she and Janice Wright co-authored featured in the recent online journal (eHearsay). The title is The Impact of Trauma and How it Effects Language Development in Children and Adolescents and it begins on page 51 of the journal.  eHearsay is a peer reviewed journal published by OSHLA (Ohio Speech Hearing Language Hearing Association). OSHLA also submits articles to ASHA (American Speech Hearing Association) the national association for speech language pathologists and audiologists. OSHLA submits the peer reviewed article for approval to be used as a CEU course by ASHA and OSHLA. This article was approved and now can be used as a CEU course. 


Please click here to access the eHearsay journal online.

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