Traffic Pattern Change for Morrison-Gordon

New Traffic Pattern Sign

With the construction of the new building, the arrival and dismissal traffic patterns have changed.  All buses will enter and exit the parking lot through the first entrance and drive down the bus loop and drop off students in the morning and pick up students in the afternoon.  Parents will enter and exit the parking lot through the second entrance and drop or pick up students along the sidewalk. Teachers and staff will be positioned along the sidewalk to help with the process.  If parents need to get out of the car they will need to park the car in a spot so as to not hold up the traffic circle.  The parking lot will be one way at all times.  We hope this will make traffic at the school quicker and safer than in previous years. A diagram is attached for reference.

If you have any questions feel free to call the school at 740-593-5445.

Mrs. Skinner
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Morrison-Gordon Traffic Pattern

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