22-23 AMS Cheerleading Tryout Information & Form (Tryouts Feb. 7th & 8th, 2:45 pm)

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If your rising 7th or 8th grade student (for the 22-23 school year) is interested in becoming an AMS cheerleader, here is the information regarding the program and upcoming tryouts).  

Click here for the document with all of the information and the required form.

So, You want to be an AMS Cheerleader? Let’s get started!!!

Cheerleading is often a new experience. Please feel free to try-out even if you have no prior cheerleading experience.  You might be a natural!  You will be evaluated on how well you remember the material you have learned, evidence that you have practiced the material, your attitude when working with others, and how well you present yourself.  If you don’t make the team your first try, then don’t give up!  Many students have grown from the try-out experience and have gone on to cheer during their 8th grade or high school years!

Coach Introduction:  I am Coach Angela Hall.  I have taught at Athens Middle School since 1991.  My current teaching position is eighth grade social studies.  I have coached the Middle School Cheerleaders during most of my tenure at A. M. S.  My other extra-curricular activities include student council and Andrew Jackson Davison Club adviser.   I also coach the cross-country team.  The best way to contact me during try-outs is via email (ahall@athenscsd.org).  You may also leave a message at A. M. S. (740-593-7107).  

Cheer Team Purpose:  The purpose of the Athens Middle School cheer team is to promote and uphold school spirit.  The cheerleaders work to develop a sense of good sportsmanship among the students, and to promote wholesome relationships between schools during athletic contests.  We cheer at home football games and home boys’ basketball games.

Eligibility to Try-Out and be a Team Member:  To be eligible to cheer, you must meet all academic requirements set forth by the ACSD for all athletes in our district.  A student with 2 F’s or a grade point average below 1.67 may not participate or continue to participate.  These standards are based on the quarter previous to the season; so, if you have 2 F’s on your fourth quarter grade card then you will not be permitted to cheer during the 1st quarter of the following year.  Once a cheerleader is removed for grades, they may not rejoin the current team.  Because of the pandemic, the district might alter these standards for the 2022-2023 school year.

Important Expectations and Information

I believe it is important to communicate expectations and schedules before you and your parent/guardian make a commitment to the team.   

  • Cheerleaders should strive to attend all practices and games.  If an absence is absolutely necessary then the cheerleader’s parent or guardian must inform Coach Hall in advance and in writing—email is fine.  If a cheerleader’s attendance becomes a problem for the team, then they will be removed from the team. Whether an absence is excused or unexcused is at the discretion of the coach.

  • Cheerleaders are school leaders.  If your behavior is ever embarrassing to yourself, family, team, school, or community then you might be removed from the team.  School suspensions, bad attitudes with teachers and other students, refusal to work hard in your classes, inappropriate online behavior, etc. will not be tolerated. We are role models for the entire student body.

  • Cheer camp, August practices and practices after the fall season are absolutely mandatory!  Please do not schedule camps, family vacations, etc. that will interfere with August practices.  Cheerleaders who miss these practices and camp will not be permitted to perform the half-time show at games, but will still cheer on the sidelines when they  have proven that they know all the cheer material.  

  • Practice Attire:  Hair up (off of face), shorts, and a short sleeved shirt

  • Camp Information will be determined as soon as possible.  The pandemic has made scheduling a challenge.  

  • Cheerleaders will need to purchase socks, hair ribbons, t-shirts, warm-ups, etc. Details will be sent home during spring or early summer practices.  This expense is usually around $120.00.  Cheerleaders must also purchase all white cheer shoes.

  • During try-outs, if a candidate has unusual visible body piercing (including but not limited to nose, lip, top of ear, etc.) and/or tattoos, then they will not be considered for the team.  If a successful candidate gets a visible tattoo, an unusual hair color, or body piercing after try-outs then they will be removed from the team.  Take into consideration that as an A. M. S. cheerleader, you will be a school leader and represent A. M. S. not only locally, but also to other communities.

Practice Schedule if you make the team:

Practices will be in the Middle School cafeteria.  The location of summer practices might change to accommodate the summer cleaning crew.

  • February 16 and 23; March 2, 16, 23, 30; April 13, 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18 (2:45-4:00) Pick up in front of AMS

  • June 14, 21, 28 (9:00-11:00)

  • Mandatory August Practices 2, 9, 16 (9:00-11:00) 

  • Mandatory Camp June 7 and 8 (5:30-7:30); August 9 (5:30-7:30)

  • Other practices will be added if the cheerleaders don’t practice independently and learn the material. 

Try-Out Information

  • The “Cheerleader Try-out Form” is due before tryouts January 28th.  Bring your form to Room 304 before 8:00 am any day, but not later than January 28th.   Coach Hall stands in the hallway near her room on the 3rd floor during this time.  Please do not send the form electronically.

  • Tryouts are February 7th (2:45-4:00) and February 8th (2:45-4:30).

  • Bring a water bottle to tryouts and practices.

  • Try-outs are closed.  Only judges, candidates, current 8th grade cheerleaders, and staff may be present.

  • Candidates should wear no jewelry or excessive make-up.  Appropriate attire must be worn—gym shorts (not too short; no sweat pants), a t-shirt (no sleeveless shirts or tank tops), and athletic shoes.  Bring a bag to school.  You may change at the end of the day, then meet Coach Hall in the cafeteria.  Show your school spirit!  Our colors are Green and Gold!  We are the Bulldogs!

    • Bring warm clothes to change into or to put on over your shorts and short sleeved shirts.  It’s February, so it will be cold when you leave the building.

  • Because we are practicing and trying out inside, masks will be worn at all times.  Cheerleaders may step outside the cafeteria doors for personal mask breaks.  We will also take group mask breaks to make sure everyone has an opportunity to rest from the mask a bit and hydrate.  

  • An email will be sent to the parent email provided on the form with a list of the members of the 2022-2023 AMS Cheer Team.


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