Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report my child’s absence?
Please call the absence line (592-3507) to report a student’s absence. Upon return to school, please have student bring a signed note indicating date(s) of absence as well as the reason. All absence notes are recorded in the Main Office.

How are appointments during school hours handled?
Please send a note to school either the morning of the early release or the day preceding. That way your child will be accurately listed on the daily attendance sheet. All notes are recorded in the main office and communicated to teachers on the absence list.  Students are then able to report to the office at the designated time. Students are not permitted to leave the building and meet parents outside.

I forgot an early release note. What is the procedure for picking up a student during school hours?
When a note has not been sent to school  parents or guardians must stop in the main office to sign their child out.

What is the procedure for getting assignments prior to a multiple-day planned absence?
Please send a note prior to the planned absence (preferably 1-2 weeks in advance) stating the date(s) of the absence and reason. The student will be given a prepared assignment sheet by the school secretary to collect work from his/her teachers. (AMS Student Handbook link on left sidebar p.9)

How long does my child have to complete assignments after an absence?
If the absence was planned (see #5 above) the assignments should be finished upon return to school. All other excused absences should be completed in a timely fashion. A good rule is within the same amount of days the student was absent (i.e. Out one day has one day to complete, out 4 days has 4 days to complete).

How do I make arrangements for my child to ride a different bus?
Send a signed note with date, destination and reason for riding a different bus. The student will be given a bus pass to give the driver. (AMS Student Handbook link on left sidebar p.12-13)  

What are the eligibility requirements to attend or participate in an extra or co-curricular activity?
Students must be in school by 9:45 A.M. and not leave before 12:35 P.M. on the day of an extra or co-curricular activity in order to participate or attend. (AMS Student Handbook on left sidebar p.16)  See handbook p.16 for information about academic eligibility.

When, where, what time is an event (extra, co-curricular, athletic/sporting)?
Check Monthly Calendar or Athletic Events link on left sidebar.

How do I request my child’s homework?
Please request homework when reporting student’s absence (592-3507). Please make requests by 8:30 A.M.  Homework can be sent home with another student (neighbor, friend, relative) or parents can get homework 2:35-3:35 P.M. in the office. (AMS Student Handbook on left sidebar p.9)

What is the procedure for taking medicine at school?
Any student who must take a prescription medicine at school is required to complete the prescription medicine form (Forms link on left sidebar). A parent or guardian must bring the prescription to the Dean of Student’s office. Students wanting to take non-prescription medications must fill out the proper form (AMS Forms link on left sidebar) and must bring the non-prescription medication in its original container. (AMS Student handbook on left sidebar p.17-18).

We are moving.  How do I withdraw my child from AMS?
A withdrawal from AMS form must be filled out (main office) and all obligations must be cleared before school records are forwarded to the new school.

How can I contact my child’s teacher?
You can email or visit teacher’s website via the School Staff and/or Teacher Websites link in the left-hand side navigation bar.  You can call AMS office at 740.593.7107.


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