ACSD Winter Weather Reminders 2023

winter weather

While we have had a mild winter so far this year, the time will soon come when I will need to consider whether or not to cancel or delay school due to inclement weather. School days may be canceled or delayed for a variety of weather related events.  When winter weather is expected, several members of our team are prepared to drive area roads to monitor and make determinations about the ability of our buses to safely transport students to/from school.  Sometimes this is a very difficult call.  In addition to the current road conditions, we have to take into account the timing of the weather event and how continued snow or freezing rain will impact travel conditions.

Wind chill and extremely cold temperatures are also cause for decisions to be made. School delays or cancellations may be called when ambient temperature and/or wind chill consistently stays at -10 degrees F or below for several hours during typical bus pickup/school hours of operations. Generally, the National Weather Service will issue a Wind Chill Advisory or a Wind Chill Warning when this occurs. Some discretion may be used in determining what decision to make, as Advisories may be called at -5 degrees F. 

If we must cancel school, the first five days will be forgiven. Days 6 and 7 would be made up on April 10 and April 7.  Days 8-10 would be made up using “blizzard bags” or online learning options.  Should 11 or more days be missed, the board of education will adopt a plan to make up the missed class time, which may require additional days at the end of the school year in May/June.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we start into this winter season.

In addition to phone calls to parents/guardians of students currently enrolled in the district, delay and cancellation information is also available via the public free modes listed below.

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