Morrison-Gordon Student Council

Last Updated: 10/15/2018 4:54 PM

2019 Student Council Initial Information:

Student Council Responsibilities

If a student is interested in running for student council, they will have the opportunity to attend an informational meeting.  If a student is elected to the office of student council, they should be prepared for the requirements of that office.  They include:

  • Being able to attend all meetings (meetings occur during recess, and may include a working lunch) and events after school hours
  • Being able to attend to their first job of school and turn in schoolwork on time, as well as earn passing grades
  • Modeling good behavior as a representative
  • Being able to bring items such as donations of food or drinks to events such as a school dance

Student Council is an extra curricular activity.  Therefore, students should be aware of their first responsibility of their schoolwork/homework and maintaining passing grades in their academic subjects.


Student Council Position Descriptions

President – 6th grader (1) - Responsible for conducting all meetings, giving a speech for Grandparents’ Day and possibly other occasions

Vice President – 5th grade (1) - Responsible for filling in for the president when he or she is not present for meetings and other events

Secretary – 6th grader (1) - Responsible for taking notes for every meeting and reading notes from previous meeting at the following one

Treasurer – 5th grader (1) - Responsible for counting money at all dances and lollipop sales and reporting at each meeting how much money is in the Student Council account

Sergeant of Arms – 4th grader (1) - Responsible for getting room ready for meeting, including setting up chairs, passing out the agenda, and cleaning up from the meetings

Room Representative – 1 per home room in 4th grade – 6th grade (9) - Responsible for bringing student concerns to student council as well as reporting to homeroom classroom any student council information

Representative at Large – 1 per grade level 4th grade – 6th grade (3) - Responsible for saying pledge at the beginning of each meeting.  If a room representative is absent the Representative at Large for that grade level is responsible to report to that homeroom any information from student council

All student council representatives are expected to participate in helping at events sponsored by Student Council.


Voting Dates - 2019

September 4 – 9:10 A.M.   Interested Students leave homeroom and report to Cafeteria for an informational meeting

September 11 – 9:05-9:30 Primary Elections are held in homerooms and names submitted (Students receive items to make posters.)  Room Representatives are determined at this time.  Those in the running for an office (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sgt.-At-Arms) and Representative at Large will also be chosen at this time.  One president, one secretary, and one Representative at Large will be chosen from each 6th grade class, one VP, one treasurer, and one Representative at Large will be chosen from each 5th grade class, and one Sgt. at Arms and one Representative at Large will be chosen from each 4th grade class (assuming there are enough from each class who are interested in doing so.  These officer candidates will need to prepare a speech to be given to the student body (grades 3-6) on Sept. 18th.


September 18 – 1:00 P.M. Candidates report to Speech Practice in Cafeteria

                           1:30 P.M. Grades 3-6 report to Cafeteria for Student Council Speeches

September 20 – 9:05-9:30 A.M.   Elections for Officers and Representatives at Large.  On this date, students in grades 4-6 will vote on the Representative for their grade level as well as for all officer positions.  When these elections are completed, we will have on person in each officer position and one Representative at Large for each grade level.

September 27 – 2:45 P.M. Installation Ceremony

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