CPM Student eBook Enrollment

CPM Enrollment - Student Accounts

  1. Students should go to the CPM login pageClick on the green Enroll button. 

               CPM Opening Page

  1. Enter the enrollment pin given to you by your teacher (combination of 5 letters/numbers) and click the green Enroll button.
  2. The class you are in should appear on your screen. CLICK ON THE GOOGLE LOGIN button.

              CPM Enrollment PinCPM Login with Google

  1. Click on the blue OK button that appears notifying you that you must agree to the End User Terms of Use.
  2. Read the agreement and when you have scrolled to the bottom of the page, click the I Agree button.

               CPM Terms of UseCPM Agree

  1. You should now be logged into your account and your eBook should appear on your screen.

               CPM eBook