Course Syllabus

CPM Algebra I Course Syllabus


Course Description:

This is a new and exciting curriculum for Athens City Schools. This course is designed to prepare students for the rigor and pace of collegiate learning. Students will be working in teams as well as individually. As you study Algebra, you will be investigating new situations, discovering relationships, and figuring out what strategies can be used to solve problems. In meeting the challenges of Algebra, you will not be working alone. You will collaborate with other students as a member of a study team. Our goal is for everyone to use the TEAM guidelines: Together, work to answer questions, Explain and give reasons, Ask questions and share ideas, Members of your team are your first resource. Please remember that this curriculum is new to all of use and we will make this year a wonderful year for all students.


My Webpage:

Access my teacher page from the high school website for information about the course.



  • Pencils

    • All assignments and quizzes need to be done in pencil.

  • Book

    • You will be provided with an enrollment code in order to set up an account for your eBook. If you do not have internet access at home, see Ms. Koga.

  • Three Ring Binder

  • Paper

    • Loose leaf paper is needed. Graph paper would serve to be useful too.

  • Grading Pen/Colored Pencil

    • This should be a color that is easily distinguished from pencil, i.e. red, purple or green.

  • Scientific Calculator

    • The state just transitioned from a scientific calculator for the state math test to an on screen version of a graphing calculator. The previous state calculator was a scientific calculator called TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI-30X-IIS.  We will continue to use this calculator in the classroom in addition to the Desmos graphing calculator.



The course textbook is College Preparatory Mathematics. You can visit for more information on the CPM curriculum. Students will have access to a eBook.

Course Content:

The course will focus on five critical areas: (1) relationships between quantities and reasoning with equations; (2) linear and exponential relationships; (3) descriptive statistics; (4) expressions and equations; and (5) quadratic functions and modeling.


Quarter 1

Quarter 2

  • Functions  

  • Modeling with Algebra Tiles  

  • Linear Relationships

  • Simplifying & Solving  

  • Systems of Equations

  • Sequences

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

  • Modeling Two-Variable Data

  • Exponential Functions  

  • Quadratic Functions

  • Solving Quadratics & Inequalities

  • Solving Complex Equations

  • Functions & Data


Grade Setup: This is just a template. It could change due to unforeseen reasons.


Academic Achievement


Chapter Assessment: 3/Quarter @ 100 points each


Checkpoint Assessment: 3/Quarter @ 50 points each


Homework Assessment: 3/Quarter @ 10 points each





Academic Practice


Homework Completion: Wed/Fri @ 2 points each


On Task Assignments (Task Roles) 2 or 3 times a week @ 4 or 5 points each


Team Progress: 3/Quarter @ 20 points each


Notes: 3/Quarter turn in before Chapter Assessment 5 points/chapter





Class Rules

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Prepared

  • Be Productive

  • Be Prompt

  • Be Patient


Class Expectations

  • Grading Scale is the same as it is in the handbook.

  • Arrive to class on time! Be in your seat by the sound of the tone. Please bring the necessary materials needed to perform to the best of your ability in class.

  • You may use a calculator on almost all assignments. I suggest you have your own, but you may borrow one by placing your phone in the cell phone sleeve.

  • If you know in advance that you are not going to be in class, it is to your advantage to get the assignment before you leave.

  • Drinks have to be in a spill proof container or a bottle with a lid.

  • No cell phone usage during class. Cell phones should be turned off and INSIDE your backpack or left in your locker.

  • The discipline sequence in the student agenda will be followed. Any student may be removed from class for disruptive behavior.

  • Restroom passes will be granted in accordance with the school policy.

  • Extra credit will not be given. Students need to complete all assignments given. Students may submit assignments past the due date for reduced credit.

  • If you do your own work, do not disrupt class, and perform to the best of your ability you will most likely be successful in class. Anytime you are experiencing difficulty you should make arrangements to see me for additional help or arrange for your own tutoring.

  • If at any time you have a question, feel free to contact me by emailing me at