Ohio University Partnership

Last Updated: 3/17/2022 5:49 PM

Find more detailed information on the partnership between The Plains Elementary and The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education on the Ohio University CARE webpage.




History of the Partnership

The Plains Elementary in 1991 began the pilot program for pre-service juniors at Ohio University in the College of Education. A select group of early and middle childhood partnership students completed four full days in a primary and an intermediate classroom throughout the school year. University Faculty taught their methods classes in the building in the designated “OU Room” at The Plains Elementary. With the change in licensure at Ohio University, all Partnership Students at the Plains Elementary are now currently Early Childhood majors, and all students are required to be in a Partnership Program. OU classes are taken in partnership “cohorts”, thus allowing the students to apply what they are learning in a methods class into an actual classroom setting and sharing these experiences with other students experiencing the same thing. Each quarter culminates with the Partnership student teaching a full integrated teaching day with social studies, math and science.  





Our “Best Practice” Principles to prepare students to become teachers include *connecting  theory to practice *understanding the school day expectations  Coaching/mentoring students *multiple ways of teaching/modeling  *clinical field experiences. These are key components that we believe are essential to prepare future teachers. The relationship of our professional development partnership (PDS) between Ohio University and The Plains Elementary includes dedication from the Dean of the College, to faculty, the school superintendent, building principal, OU Students and the elementary classroom teachers.  





Ohio University students are connected with a variety of supports as they venture into this experience. The Classroom teacher, Teacher Liaison, Teaching Fellow, OU Coordinator and  Building Principal provide a “lens” for the students to use as they work toward proficiency in developing their knowledge, skills and dispositions.