Student Picture Absentee & Remake Days

TS Photos

Dates for Absentee/Remake: 

  • AHS: October 11th
  • AMS: October 13th
  • The Plains Intermediate: October 14th
  • East: October 19th
  • Morrison-Gordon: October 20th

Please note:

  • Preschool-8th grade students will turn in their paper proofs with "remake" if you wish to have a remake done when we are back for Absentee day in a few short weeks!
  • 9th-12th grade students: announcements will be made per grade level during Absentee day that say "if you wish to have a remake please go to the stage at this time" etc.
  • There is no cost for a remake like in years past. LARGELY in part because we have hired 2 new photographers this year and while I am still able to snap for the time being, we have never ran a two camera set up in the schools before and wanted to ensure if any mistakes were made on our parts they can be corrected during Absentee/Remake dates!
  • We strive to get the 'best shot' while there, always! But we are also human too or sometimes kids just aren't feeling it that day, we only get so long with the kiddos before we do have to move to the next etc.

Please email and I (Trisha) will get back within the week.

Thank you for your continued support!!

Trisha Doudna
TS Photos 

2022 Student Picture Absentee & Remake Day


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